Manifestation Jars

Manifestation jars are meant to help set an intention.

Unlock the power of manifestation with our manifestation kits. Harness the law of attraction and manifest your desires with our carefully crafted manifestation jars. Experience the transformative energy of our manifestation kit, designed to align your intentions with the universe.

INSTRUCTIONS: Get in a relaxed position, optional meditation. To begin, cleanse all manifestation ingredients by a lighting incenses (stick, cone or resin), write your intention parchment paper (or any paper , fold the paper toward you to invite the intention, then burn and store the ashes a a heat safe container.

While the incense is burning, focus on your intention (optional chanting or mantras). Then mix the incense and intention ashes and place them in your jar. Next, add each ingredients to your jar (optional to speak purpose to each ingredient). Lastly, take the colored candle and seal the jar lid with the candle wax.

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