Experience the transformative power of Garnet Star’s handmade products, purposefully crafted to infuse your life with positive energy and intention.

Our products feature a thoughtfully curated blend of natural crystals and herbs, harnessing their individual properties. We use soy wax, beeswax, natural oils, and organic herbs and flowers in our creations. Our commitment lies in crafting top-quality products that are energized by crystals and imbued with positive intentions. Throughout history, crystals have been valued for their ability to amplify spiritual, emotional, and healing energies, serving as exquisite natural gifts sourced from the Earth.


Embrace intentional ingenuity of Garnet Star candles, skillfully handpoured using 100% sox wax. Each candle embodies a purposeful fusion of crystals and herbs, thoughtfully choosen to align with their individual properties. Our candles are enriched with natural and organic herbs, flowers and fragrance oils. 


Garnet Star soaps include a crystal and are hand poured and hand cut giving a geometrical shape


Immerse yourself in the mindful artistry of our handcrafted crochet jewlery, meticulously created with intention and adorned with natural crystal beads. The versatile boho style accessory effortlessly transform into a necklace, bracelet, or anklet offering endless possibilities to layer and style.